Artikel des Designers: Bas Vellekoop

Bas Vellekoop is a Dutch interior architect and designer born in 1985. His studio was founded in 2010  and is based in The Hague The Netherlands. The studio is known for his uncompromising eye for detail. Those details are usually visible and essential to the overall design, forming a defining element of the aesthetics. With his designs, Bas Vellekoop  strives for sustainable beauty and usability.

Bas Vellekoop is trained as interior architect at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Before he started his study at the Academy he worked several years at interior studio`s at a wide range of project, residential and commercial.

After his study he founded his studio with a focus on interior projects. In 2015 the focus shifted to product design. Since then Bas his work is selected for a broad range of presentations, including the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Blickfang Basel, and Object Rotterdam.


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